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Omni Water Filters and Replacement Cartridges

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Omni Replacement O-Rings 
for Older OmniFilters
OMNI provides installation wrenches and replacement o-rings for the
Whole House and Under-sink Water Filters

Tank Wrenches     O-Rings      Universal Faucet    BF7 Mounting Bracket

 Check your filter unit's model and series number to
ensure correct o-ring and wrench purchase.
Need help? Call us (855)-855-1976 

U24 Replacement O-Ring

Omni U24 - E70239 Replacement O-ring

U24 - E70239 Pricing
QTY 1 at $4.95
QTY 2 at $4.56 each
QTY 6+ at $4.15 each

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Special Note:
If your older Omni system has the "blue" o-ring then you need the K4 o-ring (K4 O-ring) if it's black you need the U24 o-ring.  If any questions please call before ordering

U24 O-Ring will fit models:
BC1 Omni Deluxe Omni Regular Omni Super
TC3 Total 2 Total Plus U24
U26 U400 U450 U500
U600 U700 UC2  

Need help? Call us (855)-855-1976 

Installation Information


Omni Water Filters .com
Is an Authorized Distributor for Sta-Rite/Pentair/Omni Industries

Call toll Free (855) 855-1976 or e-mail


Whole House Under Sink Faucet Mount Counter Top Fridge Replacement Cartridges

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