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Now Offering Free Shipping on Orders $74.00 or More!



OmniFilter Water Softener
Model OM36KCS

Homes with 3-5 People

Price $495.95 

Compact, space-saving design
36,000-grain capacity
Includes: Digital display, Drain tubing, Bypass valve & Fittings
Programming is simple as 1-2-3:
1. Set time
2. Set water hardness
3. Set salt setting

Calcium & Lime
Tested and Certified by WQA to NSF / ASCI Standard 44 for Water Softeners and 372 for "lead free" compliance.


The Water Softening System should have the following parts:
1. Softener Tank with Valve and Bypass
2. Connector Kit
3. Drain Line Flow Control and Drain Fitting
4. Drain Line Tubing (shipped inside the salt tank)
5. Tubing Clamp
6. Wall Transformer
7. Instruction Manual
NOTE: Do not return the system to the store. Call First
Before starting to assemble the system, check that all the parts are present and not damaged.
The plumbing pieces needed to connect the water system and softener salt are not included.

System Specifications
Item Number  4001557  4001558  4001559
Recharge Style    Meter - Demand Meter - Demand Meter - Demand
Media Tank Size  9" x 35"  10" x 35"  10" x 35"
Resin Volume  0.82 Cu Ft  1.00 Cu Ft  1.09 Cu Ft
Salt Storage  220 lbs  220 lbs  220 lbs
Drain Water Rate  2.7 GPM  3.9 GPM  3.9 GPM
Service Connection Size  1" NPT  1" NPT  1" NPT
Drain Connection Size  1/2" NPT  1/2" NPT  1/2" NPT
Recharge (brine) Connection Size  3/8" NPT  3/8" NPT  3/8" NPT
Installation Space Requirements    23" D x 13" W x 45" H 23" D x 13" W x 45" H 23" D x 13" W x 45" H
Shipping Weight  82 Lbs  93 Lbs  100 Lbs




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Is an Authorized Distributor for Sta-Rite/Pentair/Omni Industries

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Whole House Under Sink Faucet Mount Counter Top Fridge Replacement Cartridges

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